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Get rewarded for the time you spend in Banzai.

  • Learn About Finances

    Explore the financial literacy resources United Prairie Bank has provided.

  • Track Your Progress

    As you expand your financial prowess, view your progress toward earning each reward.

  • Claim Rewards

    Once your reward progress has been completed, claim the reward and have fun!

How it Works

Learn about Finances

United Prairie Bank has given you access to Banzai articles, calculators, and groundbreaking Coach sessions that walk you through some of the stickiest financial literacy topics. From estate planning to buying a home, you can actually understand finances—yes, really!

Track your Progress

While building your expertise in finance, you can meet requirements for prizes. You can see the progress toward these prizes as well as the requisites to earning them right here.

Claim Rewards

Once the progress toward a reward has been completed, select the reward to claim it! United Prairie Bank will contact you with relevant instructions, and then...well, all that's left is to enjoy your prize.